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Wecome to one of my biggest pet peeves...

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This picture was printed in the fanart section of Fruits Basket #9... the most recent release of that series.
At first I thought "wow that's a really cool Idea!" but as I kept looking at it something started nagging at me... and then I finally realized where I had seen that picture before...

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It was Ranief from demon diary...

You know I started out drawing my own ideas based on other peoples anime... I wont deny that... and I never did deny it, I would tell people straight up that I took the pose or the outfit from another anime character.
But at least I didn't have the audasity to send in my copied works to a company to have it PUBLISHED.

The funniest part of this story?

Both Fruits Basket and Demon Diary are published by Tokyo Pop and noone caught it.

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