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::is moody::

Wow I have a general distain for the world today...
...I'm sure that'll make work a hoot

I hope I work copy center today... I also hope that it's dead as hell so I can abuse my copy center privilages in peace and print out a comic.
I am really tempted to use the fastback machine and not pay for it today... and it's only because A) Charlotte wouldn't let me print out my comic and pay for it the other day even though I had like 5 transactions all freaking day and it was really boring... and B) I know I could get away with it really easy.
...Especially if I work with Julie tonight or Lynn... because Julie dosent have a clue what she's doing half the time and Lynn just plain dosent care... whenever I work with her the complete and utter disreguard we show the rules is amasing... we'd probebly get fired if Pfeffer found out lol

or at least sternly talked to...

at any rate I dont really have anything worthwhile to write right now so I'll probebly waste sometime in WoW.

Or perhaps I'l draw... what a novel idea...

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