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Heeeey yaaaaaa.....

I went out to champs tonight with Megan and it was ooooh sooo goooood... I didn't get trashed or anything (you wish right?) but I did discover quite possible the best fru fru drink in the world...
I think it was called Southern Peach or something... anyway it was a little slice of heaven... ^_^

Oh and I think I forgot to tell everyone but that bad day I had the other day? Yeah I broke my toe too lol...
Dont worry I'm not in a cast or anything it was just the little sissy toe at the end so it's just buddy taped to the toe next to it (my... ring toe?) but I do have to wear real shoes at work now on the down side... my days of cute little chinese silk shoes are over now that they failed to protect my widdle piggies from harm (this little piggy got ass whipped...this little piggy had gum...)

I finished My (soon to be Katies) Nip/tuck season 2 tonight... and it made me cry just like it did last time...
...God I love Christian...
Mmmmm... SO who wants to hang out with me tommorrow night after work? Get me while you can I have school starting next week >_<
Then I will fall off the face of the planet once again...
...you know... assuming that I actually get into the classes I'm sitting in.
Which reminds me... Eric do you need a ride to Philosophy of religion? if it's your first class I can pick you up and give you a ride I mean it seems silly of me to make you take the bus when I live like a block away from you and we have the same class...

la la la I dont know why I continue to ramble... it has been a while since I had sensless rambling with no point other than the fact that I dont feel like going to bed yet...

Oooh! Completely random but it has me super excited... we have a sexy new silver shower head! no more off white plastic... it's new age baybeh!

I got an e-mail from elise today about her new puppy... but somehow she managed to forget to tell me SHE GOT MARRIED... I heared it from katie about an hour ago and went O_o "Wuuuuh?"
Must have slipped her mind...

I bought a brand spanking new bookbag for school... someday I will take a picture or something so everyone may bask in it's samurai Champloo sexiness... I had to get a new one because some puppy (who shall remain nameless) chewed half through my invader Zim bag.
Damn punk...
...damn super cute impossible to get mad at punk...
god I love that dog...
...even though she's insane...

"lend me some sugar! I am your neighbor!"


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Sep. 4th, 2005 06:31 pm (UTC)
what time do you get off of work? As for me I get off at 8...wait do you mean tonight tomorrow or tomorrow tomorrow? If you mean Monday, I get off at 8, otherwise today I get off at 9. Agh, I'm so confused >o< Anyway, give me a call so I can get the stuff. I've got the money too...or I could call you...hah! ::smacks head:: what a miraculous invention this cell phone thingie...
Sep. 5th, 2005 04:04 am (UTC)
Same Megan who goes to MIAD?

Sep. 6th, 2005 04:02 am (UTC)
Hai... she told me the 2 of you share a studio this semester.
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