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Mmmm fufillment...

::streaches arms behind head::

Ahh... the sweet smell of 2 new pages for North Star, Dark Star...
of course seeing as Dave is in Chicago they probebly wont go up until later but I still did em! and that's what counts!

Yeeaaaahhh... I dont work at Office depot again until next friday... dont know what the beef with that is but... oh well...
I really hope suncoast dosent schedual me every night because I will cry alot... I need time off like everyone else dammit...
and to those of you who are preparing to post me a "you dug your own grave miss 2 jobs" comment you can just shove it straight up your asses...
I have heared that enough it's getting annoying...

ANYWAY tommorrow I am going to clean my room because I might be hanging out with Paul this weekend and frankly I'd be mortified if he saw my room as it is now lol...
...I'm such a messy person...
...not a dirty person mind you... just messy...

I want to take a survay... I dont know why...
::goes to look at her friends list::

oh ps... me in class yesterday... dr dean was talking about Freud on religion and I turn to Jaemon and say "Have you ever noticed Freud is one vowel away from being Fraud?"

I thought it was hilarious...


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Sep. 15th, 2005 05:52 am (UTC)
Hey! If you don't work on Tuesday, maybe we can watch Nip/Tuck together. I live! Yaaay! I can't wait til it starts. Let me know mmkay?
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