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LOL odd little memegen

LJ Interests meme results

  1. cowboy bebop:
    Mmmm cowboy Bebop... on of the only series I would show to someone to make them love anime if they had never seen it.
  2. fake:
    Hee hee hee boy shmex...
    No seriously...

    ...I love Ryo...
  3. hana yori dango:
    AAAAAH HYD is almost my favorite anime/manga/taiwanese tv show EVAR
  4. loki:
    haha odd intrest... Loki is the seer if Zanifar in my comic NSDS
  5. mille:
    Millefuille! My most favorite of bishounen EVER... everyone should reas Bakuretsu Hunters immediately...
  6. polaris:
    Ah Polaris... The doubtful Heroine of North Star, Dark Star and Ruby-eyed Wraith's love intrest...
    I havent really developed her personality quite yet... maybe next chapter.
  7. rurouni kenshin:
    Mmmm Kenshin... He's so freaking cute...
  8. suboshi:
    Suboshi borders on my favorite character from Fushigi Yuugi... if I wasn't so sure he would be called "Sue" at school I'd name my kid that when I have one...
  9. touga kiryuu:
    Tee hee Touga... He is teh Shmex...
    You know not many people have seen Utena I find... they should... while everyone I know agree's it's super fucked up I have never known anyone to dislike the series...
  10. xellos:
    Xelloss Metallium... he is the best Slayers character ever... I kid you not...
    He's so great... and the avatar I use for my website ^__^

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