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At work

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lol where else would I be other than work... it's saturday and it's time for my fabled 11 hr shift ^__^
I went to a club with Joel Katie and Jeff last night and I still feel sick x_x
It was too loud too smokey and too jostling me around... on the upside I did spend a good hour watching advent children while I was there because it was playing on the TV's over the bar.
how odd...

How old am I by the way that the club was too loud and happening?

So it was like this goth bar and I have to say... many many goth people just make me want to laugh... and then hit them... now dont get me wrong I know pleanty of perfectly cool people who are "goth"
...just not the people at this bar.
They were all dancing like a white girl trying to do a latino dance in my opinion...

anyway I should go back to work ::waves::

PS Kristy: SURE!!
I'll text you later ^_~

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