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I can't conform to, I never could do... that which might hurt you...

Ugh tonight is going to suck if I get writers block... I have to write a 6 page paper about Religion and ethics which my philosophy of religion and my english grade are hanging on (Boo...) I've actually been working on it since noon and all I have to show for it arw a few more pages of notes than I had yesterday when I had to bow out of plans with molly to work on this farking paper...

Ooh... in good news I may have convinced my parents to get me an I-pod Video for christmas ( Joy! ) now I just have to wait and see if I have one present under the tree or... like 7 if it's one I got my Ipod... if it's 7... I'll be a little sad but I'll get over it because it's presents right??? LOL
Oh by the way... the shittyness to end all shittyness... I have to work 5:30am till 3:00 pm the day after Thanksgiving... boo

anyway I should get back to work on my paper... but before I go I have 3 things to say about HP&tGoF
1)I cried...
2) Cedric Diggery is HOT
3) I love Ralph Finnes I dont care if he has no nose and is bald...

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