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I missed Ashley something fierce... and I don't know what brought it on...
I was just standing by myself at work humming some stupid work song when it just slammed into me like a brick wall. I wasn't even thinking about her until it happened...
People at work must have thought I was insane...
Possibly because I was pretty much pulling an American Beauty moment with the whole ::slaps own face:: "Agggh stop crying you big baby!"
...well I didn't do that per say but I almost did. What I did do was randomly have issues where I wasn't exactly crying but I was sad and couldn't stop my eyes from watering...
And yes I know that's crying but I just wanted to clarify that I wasn't wailing in the copy center...

ANYWAY, I finished the poem for this year, David dont let me forget to post it on Sunday or I will be sad...

fuu fuu

I love you Ashley
Happy valentines day

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