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..but now I'm just pissed.
What kind of selfish asshole steals other people's art off of the wall at achool?? I mean we're in college now I thought we were past the sophmoric bullshit of stealing other peoples stuff. Apperently I'm thinking too highly of the student body at UWW however...
I spent half the art class today trying to smile and politely laugh it off as the art teacher droned on about how it was a compliment that someone stole my art from the wall and how it happens sometimes and it happened to him once and blah blah blah. As well as half the class whispering about how sorry they feel for me and how they would be devistated if it was one of their pieces.
I was thinking of printing up fliers with the original concept sketch for the piece asking whoever stole it to return it so I can give it to my mom like I was originally plannning... and you know... so I could get GRADED... but then again if you're the kind of person who steals something someone put alot of thought and hard work into are you really the kind of person who would return it out of guilt?
::hits self in head:: Why in the name of GOD did I not remember to scan that piece before turning it in?
... oh wait... it could be because I was up unil 4 am the day before it was due finishing it...


Mar. 10th, 2006 08:00 pm (UTC)
ouch... that's craptacular.

Hope they find the person and string them up by their toenails!

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