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Small update then I'm hitting tacobell and going to Nick's

List 10 things you want to say to people but know you never will.
┣Don't say who they are.
┣Disable comments.
┗Never discuss it again

1)You're my friend... but grow the fuck up you're driving me insane... literally. Also when I try to have a serious conversation do not turn it around to be about you or make a stupid anime/movie reference.

2)I love you more than anyone else and always will even if you forget me, which I hope never happens. I care about you to the extent that I am afraid to tell you things sometimes because I dont want you to think less of me. I suspect you know this however...

3)I miss you and don't understand why you act the way you do. I can't seem to forget you no matter how hard I try... I probebly think of you at least once a day and it hurts me.

4)You inspire and defeat me all at the same time, I love your work but hate your critiques.

5)I have never felt that way about you please stop asking.

6)why isn't living a good enough reason?

7)You seem to live to torment me, why did you lead me on the way you did and why can't you understand how much that hurt me? I have a hard enough time trusting people without you doing this to me.

8)I love and respect you but you make me uncomfortable sometimes.

9)I dont understand why you go back and forth the way you do, alot of what seems to be me understanding is me just smiling and nodding.

10)I don't see you as much as I would like, I want to see you more often but feel like that would make me selfish and I dont want to bother you because I dont want you to become irritated with me.


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