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Waiting for Kristy to call...

You know? It infuriates me how almost impossible it is for me to find what I want with as limitless as the internet is...
all I want is a site that I know isn't going to screw me that Sells the Super Dollfie (I only need the body... I mean seriousely I can buy any number of heads on e-bay...)(and eyes...)
I went to the Volks site but couldn't find a way to buy one because not only were the prices in Yen.. (and horribly over priced I might add... if I'm doing the exchange rate right) but there seemed to be no where I could buy one even if I tried.
...Stupid horrible translation... you think that the site of a horribly popular item such as the Dollfie would be able to drop a few extra yen to translate shit correctly...

So yeah... if you know of someone who is selling their dollfie or know someone who got one from a legitimate site let me know k?
or hey if everyone who knows me wants to get together and pay for on for me I'd be cool with that too lol... j/k j/k it's prolly way to expensive...

I suppose it would be too much to ask for them to be sold at a resonable price at acen lol...

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