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ha ha ha

allow me to appologize in advance for this post XD

today I got to go home early from work because I got hit in the head with a ream of paper...
but in other news

just a few things I must say

1) Roxas is so much better than Sora it isn't even funny
2) why in the hell do I need "magnet magic" to move a rock?
3) XD OMG was that Crispin Freeman as the voice of Will Turner???
4) the timeless river rules and suprisingly the land of dragons... didn't
5) I am the biggest nerd in the world for actually getting a little mad that Ariel wanted to see Eric instead of singing the cheesy parappa the rapper knockoff musical again.
6) I am not such a big fan of the abundance of mini games
7) yes... I still hate the gummi ship...

more later... on to halloween town with me.

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