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::is a terrible student::

I can't believe I fell asleep in the shower...
::missed art again::
lol I am so going to fail... but at least I'll go to math today! I promise ;__;
Uuuugh that reminds me... I am so uber fucked for english... I'm going to have to pull a miracle out of my ass.
David when we move in together promise to kick me alot okay?
::is hopeless::

Remember the game kids, put your player on random and choose lyrics from the first 25 it plays and see if you friends can guess them without the use of lyrics engines ^__^

1) "I'm Looking for a place, I'm searching for a place... is anybody here I know?"

2) "It's not like you didn't notice, I said I love you and I swear I still do... It must have been so bad, 'cause livin with me must have damn near killed you"

3) "You're talking to yourself again, Suicidal imbicile... you think about it, cut another phone line... what does it take to get through to you precious?"

4) "Everybody's going to the party have a real good time, Dancing in the desert blowing up the sunshine..."

5) "I've jumped impossible hurdles before, but I know that there's more... and I know I can take it. Who's to blame when it's not the best, that I can achieve?"

6) "Sombody told me love would all save us... but how can that be? Look what love gave us..."

7) "I just believe in Rythem emotion, I am a dreamer Itani mo..."

8) "Why does my heart feel so bad? Why does my soul feel so bad?"

9) "Dum de da de da the only thing he said was... Dum de da deda dum de da de da dum de da de da that roses are red"

10) "Lonely, I'm Mr. Lonely, I have nobody for my own..."

11) "He's a beast! He's got fangs razor sharp ones... Massive paws Killers claws for to feed... hear him roar see him foam but we're not coming home till he's dead! Good and dead! Kill the Beast!"

12) "There's a good kind of pain... and insane kind of sane when I'm around you..."

13) "Would you die tonight for love? (baby Join me in death) Would you die?"

14) "Yume no Naka e, Yume no naka e Itamitaite odorimasen ka..."

15) "Wish I could prove I love you, but does that mean I have to walk on water?"

16) "Well that is that and this is this, you tell me what you want and I'll tell you what you get... you get away from me..."

17) "Missing truth and forever, kissing love and true your heart... dakishimete hounto no de..."

18) "You got a good reason, for taking the easy way out... She was a day tripper, a one way ticket yeah... it took me so long to find out, but I found out"

19) "Up in blue sky, silly blimp go by. Where it come from where it go to zig-zag it fly by. Today is sunday past 1:30 why you no come by? Maybe you late but I no can wait... now I cry..."

20) "Speed of lightning, roar of thunder, fighting all who Rob or plunder"

21) "If I'm smart then I'll run away... but I'm not so I guess I'll stay"

22) "Baby we can work it out, look up at the sky every heart is shining there today"

23) "If I could find you now things would be better, we could leave this town and run forever"

24) "Hit it up like this, hit it up like this oh baby..."

25) "In this white wind, I am sinking... in this silence.."

I admit I cheated a little but I'm pretty sure if I write all the chinese lyrics that were coming up noone would get them lol...h

Reguardless! I'm going to go grab some early lunch (because breakfast and I have a grudge... and old grudge... ::gives it the shifty eye:: ) But yes! Behold and partake of my slightly mediocre Howl's Moving Castle BG! It's nothing special but I likes it...


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Apr. 10th, 2006 04:49 pm (UTC)
*giggles* How did you fall asleep in the shower? I'm intensely curious...

I'm sorry classes aren't going that well - I've had to drop two of mine as well, so I'm kind of in the same boat. We should start a club ;-) Who else wants to join?
Apr. 10th, 2006 10:54 pm (UTC)
School sucks!!! I'm in the same boat...school needs to end TODAY!!!
Apr. 11th, 2006 07:20 am (UTC)
::attack glomp squeese::
Apr. 11th, 2006 05:52 am (UTC)
ME TOO!!! I hate school!!!
Apr. 11th, 2006 06:31 am (UTC)
1) Avril Lavigne - I'm With You
2)Nickleback - Remind Me
4)System of a Down - B.Y.O.B
5)Sandy Fox - Hold on to That Dream
6)Nickleback - Hero
9)Aqua - Roses are red
10)Akon - Lonely
11)Beauty @ the Beast - Kill the Beast!
12)Lindsay Lohan - Symptoms of You
13)HIM - ???
14)Kare kano ending
15Utada Hikaru - Simple and Clean
17)Utena - Ending
21)Madonna - Beautiful stranger
23)Yellowcard - Ocean Avenue
24)Utada Hikaru - Can you keep a secret?
Apr. 11th, 2006 07:05 am (UTC)
25 is "Silence" by Delerium, featuring Sarah McLachlan.

I know my Sarah. :D

I also find it disturbing how many David the 1st got. X_x
Apr. 11th, 2006 07:16 am (UTC)
^__^ lol well he is subjected to my music alot ^__^
Apr. 11th, 2006 07:18 am (UTC)
If by "subjected" you mean "tied to a chair with his eyes taped open and his hands tied down." :P
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