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I live...

If just barely lol
I have a new apartment, and 1 and 2/4ths roomates (because David and Cassie aren't moved in yet...)
I just updated Imadoki Kyo (twice actually)
I am perpetually tired lately... and it's not from lack of sleep.
I don't know...

My birthday was last monday, thank you to those of you who remembered it ^__^
Tommorrow I get to go to a spa as my mom's birthday present... maybe that will help me with my fatigue.
My last exam was saturday... well my only exam actually... and probebly the only class I took this semester that I will pass...
I think I will take a semester off. get my crap in order... all that goodness...

I have off all day tommorrow if people want to stop by... I cant guarentee I'll be awake though... ^^;

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