Megan (cho_hakkai) wrote,


I escaped from the Dungeon of Cho Hakkai!

I killed Darthmatt the leprechaun, Qautre Winner the leprechaun, Dogma 13 the gelatinous cube, Liana Bluestar the kobold and Revengeofthezio the floating eye.

I looted the Amulet of Aericdracul, the Sceptre of Jadedphyre, the Crown of Link Is Mine, the Crown of Paperwishes, the Axe of Hourglass Sands, the Crown of Quazo, the Sceptre of Girlhateboy, a Figurine of Korilin, the Axe of Odclay, the Crown of Darkradwings, the Dagger of Sucanchi Ayama, the Amulet of Aurons Girl, the Crown of Thewriter0, the Sceptre of Riku, the Shield of Evilgecko and 141 gold pieces.

Score: 691

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