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At work again... Work-ey work work work

I completed my Raziel Wings in secondlife ::is teh proud::
They fold and unfold and are affected by force, wind, and gravity.... Ooooo...
and it only took me 3 days of farting around with them to get it right lol...
and and... they dont go flying off of my back anymore when I walk (If you play secondlife and you have ever tried to make a flexible object... you know what I'm on about)
and thanks to a kindly donated transparent texture by Eric you can no longer see the bounding box lines... hooray for flexi wings!

It took me forever to figure out how to do because I'm a very visual learner and every possible tutorial I found was really technical and had no illustrations so I was all "...a dur?"
So basically I suspended my wings in the air in front of me... and I was wearing a pair I had bought that were flexible and I fucked around with the forces, size, and rotation until my wings behaved like the ones I was wearing.
Frankly I'm amazed I found the right combination.
But yaaaay now I can make any wings I draw flexible!
::was thinking of suprising Jen with wings that move that have a texture of a wing she drew in a drawing on my cpu::

aaaand I've gone a stupid and can't remember what I was going to type... I'll prolly post again later ^^;

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