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So the other day I get a note on my car that says (and dave you will recognise this because I'm just cutting and pasting from the e-mail I sent you)

"Please set the sensor better on this alarm. It goes off every time a car goes by. Many Tennants Complain or do not set your alarm in this lot. I dont want to give you a ticket for noise. Questions? xxx-xxxx Pebble Valley Managers."

and yes Tenants was spelled that way

I would like to point out at this point that it is impossible for me to not set my alarm unless I don't lock my car at all. I can either arm the alarm with the key fab or if I lock my car it will automatically arm after 30 seconds.
Aside from this I parked on the street at my parents house where people frequently speed and busses and semi's go by alot. My car did not go off once last night. My dad actually was throwing himself at my car in an attempt to set it off last night... he drove by it slowly and fast, he jerked at the handles... the only thing he could do to actually make it go off short of jimmying the lock was to jump up and down on the hood (which finally my car was like "Alriiiight!" and went off)
So basically some shit head is jumping on my car hood to make my alarm go off... and there's nothing I can do about it because I wouldn't know if my alarm was going off or not my apt is so far away from where I park.
I couldn't fall asleep in my parents house it was too quiet lol... who ever thought I would miss the stoners upstairs. I finally drifted off at 12... then Eric called me at 2 AM to see if I was alive because I didn't call him because apparently I don't have the correct number to his computer. It was nice of him, seriously... good to know he cares... but goddamit I just fell asleep TT_TT
Then my dad's automatic coffee grinder went off at like 5:30 scaring the shit out of me, Sydney took a suicide dive into my face at 6... and I had to wake up at 6:45 to take my car to a dealer to *hopefully* get my factory installed alarm deactivated so I don't get a ticket.
So I call the dealership at lunch and the guy said that something or other was bent inside my hood so it wasn't latching all the way and it was freaking my car out once in a while just enough to make it go off, he asked if I wanted to have it fixed and that it should be covered by the deductable in my extended Warrenty (I would like to tell you at this point that apperently I don't understand what deductable means because I went retarded and thought for some reason I wouldn't have to pay anything) I ran it past my dad and he said to go ahead so I told the guy it was cool and then after hanging up decided to call my apt manager to let her know I was getting it fixed and to appologize. She reconized my voice immediately because she's cool like that and she was all
"oh wait... that's your car? did you know it was going off?"
to which I went "um...yes... you wrote me a note..."
then she paused and told me that she never wrote a note and that maybe her husband had, if she had known it was my car she would have just called me to let me know and that she wouldn't ever write me a ticket because she knows I'm not a trouble tenant.
...okay for real now... what the hell, all this trouble for nothing?
I went after lunch with my mom to go pick it up only to find out that being "under the deductable" is a bad bad thing... I had to pay 95$ ;__;
Stupid car...
stupid stupid car...

...Corned Beef on Rye Sandwich... you're my only friend...

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