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nothing to do... waiting till I can take my lunch

God my voice is even worse today, I feel relatively fine except for a mild sore throught (presumably from the coughing... I actually was Souji Okita for a bit last night I was like ::cough cough:: O_O "is that... blood?" but it wasn't alot it was just like when you cough so hard you hurt your throught... it was like... 2 drops...)
But seriously I feel not bad at all... although at lunch I think I'll pick up some manner of cold medicine seeing as all we have is NyQuil and I dont really feel like taking a coma when I get home today. Last night on TS I was mistaken for a boy... well not really mistaken but someone asked Jace "is Lach is a girl or a boy" because he originally thought I was a girl but now he wasn't sure. Heh maybe I should go out to the stores in Secondlife and see if I can find one of those "cold/flu masks" to put on my Avatar for the duration of this sickness XD
You know answering the phones later today as evenig receptionist ought to be a hoot... I wonder if anyone will understand me at all XD
Might see Thomas today... want to see Thomas? Call!

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