Megan (cho_hakkai) wrote,


Is it wrong that I'm so amused that I'm the "strange girl" at work?
Bob came over to ask me about a project I was working on and when he walked into my cubicle he just stood and stared at my little speakers that were attached to my iPod... I was listening to Can You Keep a Secret by Hikaru Utada at the time...

hee hee hee

You know I'm actually amazed by how well the sound insulation in cubicals work... I listen to my music on external speakers at a volume that I am almost positive must be disturbing my co-workers but the second I walk out of my little cube I can't hear the music at all. Quite strange I feel for an unenclosed structure...
Speaking of my speakers... I really need to find the AC adaptor for them, I am wasting a small fortune on AA batteries as it stands now.
I felt all important yesterday because we got a new commercial lines account manager and I had to give her orientation and the like, and run up her paperwork. Kinda made me feel like I had status XD

I played Ragnarok for the first (and also the second) time the other day (and thanked god for the translation patch because the first time I tried to play it I was all O_O "Holy Korean Batman, I don't know what anyone's saying!" )
It's a pretty cool little game... I walked around with Jen and punched things until I got a weapon (they took my dagger away when I became an Accolyte... stupid nonviolent class...) it was pretty funny but I was kinda getting pwnd for a little bit XD
I believe I called my self a "Pussy little spell slinger" or something to that extent.

Andrea went into Labor finally yesterday and Me and David went to Bravo's to celebrate, holy shit that's a good resturant... hella expensive but well worth it I think... they have the best bread I have EVER tasted...
I know what I want to buy Thomas and Dave for Christmas... bwa ha ha ha... I should order both things now tho I dont want to have a christmas/yule fiasco where I'm like "No I got you a present I swear... it just hasent come yet..."
I still have no Idea what to get anyone else... I may know something to get my brother but that's about it.

I was talking to my mom about Losing weight before acen and she pointed out that if I lost 2 lbs a week every week until then I would drop like 40 lbs... that dosent sound too shabby to me assuming I can actually not kill this plan on the Harvest holidays.
Can anyone reccomend healthy snack foods?
I might go out and get broccoli slaw and some rice crackers
... Me thinks it's time to go to the Organic Foods store...
...any takers?

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