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La la laaa... I'm not going to say anything...

Nope ::shakes head:: oh eljay how much Drama can you hold?
Ahhh. I'll just file that away in a little compartment behind the tenfold wall ala Shogun.

::cough:: anyway I designed a new outfit for second life I just need to import it and tweak the seams so it dosent look Gh3y. I also drew the cover for Chapter 3 of Imadoki Kyo as well as 3 new Imadoki Kyo strips (oooh look at me being all productive... but would you think I was productive if you read that I did them while sitting up at reception?)
I snuck around my apartment like a bandit today to avoid waking up Thomas and Molly whilst getting ready for work.

Happy birthday yesterday David!! Did you get the screaming message from me and Molly? ^_^ ::love::
I may or may not be going to Eau CLaire tommorrow with aformentioned David so if you can't get a hold of me it's because I'm in a loud ass Gay Bar in Eau CLaire with David and Abby. ^_^

Yesterday I cooked myself a healthy dinner as part of my "trying to lose weight" regimen... It was Red Potatoes, mushrooms, Onion, Garlic, Lemon, Rosemary, Olive Oil, and Salmon all cooked up into a strange hodgepodge...
...all in all not too shabby I quite enjoyed it.

I talked to Dave the other day and asked him how Buffalo was... he said he assumed it was nice this time of year but he was in Boulder... not Buffalo...
XD oops...

I get to see teh Kristy tonight! Yay she dosent hate me!
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