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It is my pre new year resolution to not be sucked into drama. ::nods::
I vow to ignore it from here on out... I will lose weight, be healthy and stop stressing about everyone else because they're never going to change no matter how much I would like them to and no matter how much better their lives would be if they did.
They made their bed, they can lay in it... and I'm not their lover so I shouldn't have to lay in it with them ::nods::

I am going to keep up on current events so I have something else to talk about besides aformentioned drama, Secondlife/Ragnarok Online/Team Speak, and the TV series Heroes.
::nods:: maybe I'll make an adventurous goal to make at least one page of NSDS per week or something.

As it is I made alot of new IK that I need to color at some point (probebly not tonight however because I will be at my Parents house... watching Heroes XD)

I will probebly not post this weekend although I might have stories to tell, I am going down to Indiana for my cousin Tim's wedding (that my brother is standing in so I get to see him as well!) My mom is going to take me shopping tonight after work because I realize a bit too close to when we have to leave that I have absolutely no nice but "not too nice" clothes to wear that fit me and dont show cleavege all over the place... I'm sure my grandma dosent need to see that. The only thing I think I could coneveably wear would be my bridesmaid dress from Christal and Joels wedding but that's almost too nice... people might think I'm in the wedding party XD

Yesh yesh... I dont know what to go to Acen as... if I can lose the weight that I want to I might go as Ayame and follow Sierra around like "AAAAH be a ninja with meeeee!!!"
ha ha she's probebly like ;¬¬ "...stalker"

Hot topic started selling Bleach, Naruto, and WoW merchendise and cosplay Items... I laughed... They had the headbands/gloves from Naruto as well as shirts and lunch boxes... Rukia's glove from Bleach as well as shirts arm bands and a Kon doll...They also had all the accessories for FMA...
but the thing I really want is the WoW stuff XD I seriously almost bought a hoodie that says "For the Horde!" with the Horde symbol on it...
...god I'm a nerd... as it is I almost bought two other WoW related things while I was there... a Horde Button and an undead faction sticker.

I also lingered in Gamestop for a dangerous amount of time with FFXII in my hands... I want the special edition so mother lovingly bad...

What I did end up buying while Nick and I were at the mall however was a Get Fuzzy treasury for 9$ on sale and a small moleskin brand leather bound notebook to use as a travel BoS because after I seemed to "lose" my last one and had to write it ALL OVER AGAIN (deugh... it was so much work...) I decided that my main one will NEVER LEAVE THE HOUSE EVER AGAIN...
hense my mini travel version...

We also stopped by Game universe on sat with Juan and while I decided that 35$ was just "too much" money to spend on a book there... apperently 30$ for a set of brass dice was not XD
So I have a set of brass dice... beware...
They could double as a blackjack XD
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