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When paper work... ATTACKS

As an aside before my entry...
I love it when people assume I'm talking about them when I'm not ::shakes head::

I sliced my finger open on a certificate yesterday that I was trifolding by hand... and when I say sliced I mean SLICED... like I didn't think paper could do that much damage... I took 4 bandaids to not bleed all over the rest of the certs XD
Today I have no feeling in the tip of my finger... does that mean I nicked a vein?
Ah well I assume it's not serious because the color in my finger is consistant all the way to said tip.

But I'll have to post more later because I ACTUALLY got some work just now o_o
zomg what am I to do with myself?

::scurries off to do work::



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Nov. 14th, 2006 09:59 pm (UTC)
Eep! That sounds icky. Papercuts can be seriously nasty.

If you can't feel your finger, you *probably* sliced/traumatized a nerve. Luckily, human nerves can regrow/heal, albeit slowly. It may be awhile, depending on how severe the damage. My surgeon during my wisdom tooth removal traumatized a nerve in my jawline and I lost feeling in my cheek for about three months, but it did come back.

Have fun with work! I am as well ;-)
Nov. 15th, 2006 12:07 am (UTC)
Did they ever give you those humongously thick packets in gymn class taht were like mini text books? Once my friend Chris and I rolled up our packets and began sword fighting. He accidentally sliced my wrist! Luckily it was high enough to not be...dare I say - emo? I had that scar for years! Good luck!
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