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wierd and kinda cool

I saw a flock of Seagulls and a Murder of Crows co-mingling in the litle park area by my work... it was kinda cool... they're about the same size and shape so it kinda looked like opposite versions of the same bird.
::nods:: twas cool... I wish my Digital Camera hadent mysteriously disappered out of my house so I could have parked and taken a picture of it.

In other news I Wikipediaed several things over the last few days... the Mormon religion, Chinchillas, and the Archangel Uriel.
Learning is fun. =D

Only 5 or so months till my suspention's up at school!
Of course I don't know that I really want to get an associates degree anymore... I think I may just take classes I want to take for my own benefit...
I might work on my associates degree and eventually my art degree later but for right now a few night classes is really all I want to do right now.

K-chan I miss you!! I have stories and news and the like to share!
My phone is dying tho... I have been attempting to charge it in my car because teh Molly still has my phone charger but my car charger turns off when my car isn't running (which is a horribly gh3y design) so it only gets to charge for like 5 minutes during my commute to work lol

yesh... my day hasn't really started so I dont have alot to share ;¬¬

OH! Jen I made your wings Flexi! =D
Tags: k-chan, school, secondlife, wikipedia obsession

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