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I swear to god I'm not making this up...

I had to go up to the front desk to give the morning receptionist her break and she listens to the country channel most of the time... so I get a dail dose of country around 11am each day.
...this is what I heared today...

"I was driving down the road
Just my boy and me
he had his happy meal and his booster seat...
he knew he couldn't have the toy until his nuggets were gone...
A red light made me mutter under my breath
His fries when flying and his orange drink went all over his lap...
Then my four year olf said a four letter word
that started with F and had me conserned
And I said Boy who taught you to talk like that?"

...what the hell Country music... seriously...
I am increadulous that Mc Donalds plays a serious roll in the verses of any song...

Mmmm Lunch
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