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ha ha ha... people don't think sometimes XD

Today, like a few other times recently, someone came up to me to remind me to "please remember to fill the machines everynight" because they ran out of paper while printing something.
::shakes head::
People have been printing 100+ page documents all day... the tray on out copier only holds 1 ream... that's 500 sheets...
...gee sherlock do you think that maybe we just ran out because of the workload and that I remembered to fill the machines like I do everynight?

Apperently I need some kind of alarm that warns me of the paper usage because god forbid anyone else ever have to fill the
I find it so amusing... ahh... XD

My brother is flying in at 5 today so my mom has a roast in the crockpot a-waiting for him.
I went a little dumb today apperently however... have you ever said something before you thought about it and then when it comes out of your mouth you're like "...aaaaaahhhhh'm dumb."
My mom was like "you're coming over for dinner tonight right?"
and here's what I said...
"Oh! I didn't know I was invited...sure!"
My mom just did the slow turn in her chair like "Of course you're invited Megan... No I made a roast for your brother and you can't come... we never liked you anyway. Idiot."

...I didn't know I was invited? come on Megan... be a little stupider today... please I'm begging you... know maybe I can lower myself to dalmaascan inteligence and wear a hat on my face ala VGcats

So David and I went to Yokoso and then out to see The Return yesterday (yaaay! I was able to turn David's opinion of Yokoso to a favorable one!) May I say by the way... holy god if you ever go to Yokoso you NEED to order the seseme chicken Maki... it's fantastic!
The Return was pretty good... it had that guy in it who looks like a slightly off clone of Tom Cruise... (where have I seen him before? did he play the son in War of the Worlds?) and of course Sarah Michelle Gellar...
It was pretty good actually not what I was expecting but really rather good... I might buy it when it comes out. There was also a guy who from certain angles looked like Hugh Jackman::nods::
I also heared David's new mix and was like O_O "I... needthatgiveittomenoooooow!!!"
So... yay new music!!

I may or may not be on SL tonight depending on what time I leave my mom's house.
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