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Hell no, no... I wont let them take you...

I return!
Ugh I survived "Pick on Megan Chanukka (or however you spel han-a-ka... I'm sure someone will correct me XD)"
I just got back from my glorious weekend in Indiana...
I went to a wedding and put up with various grandparents/parents/aunts bemoning that they hope that they will live to see my get married and have children... because you know 23 is really past the marketable age of dating for women... on the upsude I was able to deflect some of it to my brother because he's had a steady GF for about a year now so he's closer than I am lol. I think at one point my mom turned to my brother like "You know Nathan, Amsterdam's a really romantic place..." (my brother's going with Sonya's parents and Sonya to Amsterdam for Thanksgiving... the lucky bastard) "It would be a really good time to propose..."
ha ha ha...

On the other side of that however I was perpetually being "set up" with my Aunt's new husband son Greg by my mother and my aunt all weekend.
Seriously does anyone else find that a little wrong? I mean I know we're not related by blood in any way shape or form but... eww...
If I ever married him that would mean my Aunt would be my mother-in-law.
It just ain't right I tells ya.

On the upside the couple (my Cousin Tim and his now wife Jennifer) were really cute, sweet and nice... I wish the best for them I seriously do...
I admit it felt a little wierd going to Tim's wedding however because I havent seen or talked to him in like 8 years...
Also the reception was in a castle.
Yeah that's right... a castle right in the middle of Indiana...
Now I know what your thinking... wtf right? Yeah that was my impression but apperently a guy was really rich and just one day decided... Iiiii want to live in a castle... and he built one.
Then when he died it was bought out by a Brazillian Steakhouse.
Needless to say it was cool and the steak was awesome.
And I hate riding in the back of cars...
I had a headache all weekend because of backseat riding and the fact that I did not drink nearly enough water because everywhere we went had gross lemon water lol.

anyway... teh post is gettin lengthy and I needs to do real work now...
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