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Okay so I come in to work today and my mom intecepts me at the door like...
o_o "were you supposed to come in early today?"
me: "???"
her: "yeah I don't know there's been a hub bub up there since I got here..."

so I go up to the front and my boss who is visiting from Minnetonka is talking to Ruth and when I come up they both turn to me with the "you've fucked up somehow" smile
Ruth:"Did you forget something this morning?"
Me: "...buh?"
Beth(my boss): "Debbie was off today." (debbie is the daytime receptionist)
Ruth: "Switchboard was supposed to be open 15 minutes ago..." (I get to work 15 minutes after Deb generally she's schedualed to start at 8 me at 8:15)
Me: "Um... Debbie didn't tell me she wasn't going to be here today so..."
Beth: o_o "SHe didn't tell you?"

yeah so needless to say I'm not in trouble but I am stuck at the switchboard today ;__;

psssh... like anyone's going to be buying insurence today... everyones too busy burning down their garages trying to deep fry a turkey
...or perhaps a Turduckin lol

I freaked Eric out the other day by moving around all of our furnature while he was gone he walked in and froze in mid sentence like ::blink blink blink:: "um?"
Also I skewed the futon a little to allow easier acess to the deck so now the whole apartment feels crooked XD there were a few times where seeing the futon while coming out of the kitchen made my brain go "Noooo the whole apartment is crooked!!! it's all on a slant!!!"
it'll take a little getting used to.

I may stop at a walmart or wallgreens or something and buy some plug covers so out apartment is a little more kid friendly... I dont want miss Kaiya sticking her little fingers in the electrical sockets...
because then I would have to kill myself... you know... after Nick killed me...

Sean made my SL character all pretty last night giving me teh cool skins and armor ^_^
I'm a bad ass now... I kinda look like a Visual Kei member.
Hey Dave... is Dan's SL name Neo Virgo?
if it is then I think I totally found his store unintentionally while wandering around the main continent aimlessly... it was a cool looking place with lots of cars... and I know you mentioned him and Cathy make SL cars... and stuff...

I edited my Utada outfit a little but it still needs tweaking ::nods::

Hey everyone who dosen't have Secondlife... Get secondlife!
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