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The weekend that time forgot

I can honestly say I didn't do anything in the least bit productive this weekend and it felt absolutely fantastic!
Thursday was Thanksgiving... and it was a grand old time... apperently I have reached the magic "you're old enough to be cool to us" age with my cousins (who are all older than me) so I had a few real decent conversations with them. I got to hold Sophia (affectionately nicknamed Sopha-loaf) and I loves her she's only a few months old...
...tiny little girl...
Evan was cute but mildly irritating... as usual. He's a real sweet kid but he was spoiled rotten so he can be kind of a brat at times.
Food was fan effing tastic as usual, My uncle is a master of teh turkey and said turkey has made an apperence in pretty much everything I've eaten all
Turkey Mostacholli is pretty damn good btw.

Friday I woke up at a lazy 11:00 was on Secondlife at 12... and proceded to play secondlife until midnight XD
Ah, wasted days have their place... it was a well needed unwinding... even if there was a gigantic effing drama in Tenebra reguarding Serpentis vs the police. (oh my god I'll get into that later... it's way to long of a story to type rightr now)

Saturday was another lazy day... woke up... showered... watched Smallville Season 5 in it's entirety and then went to Nick's to game. A rather good session I feel... it started out a little slow but that was no fault of Nicks it was all of his players having mild ADD that night lol.

Sunday I woke up... cleaned the apt a bit... and jumped onto Secondlife and Teamspeak for a little bit... buying a SL weapon to defend myself in Tenebra with should the other gangs get
Then Thomas dropped by and Joined me on SL for a bit but then was drawn over to play Samurai Warriors with Eric whilst I made foods because I was so hungery I could have cried. Then Eric went to see a movie with his parents (Casino Royal I think?) and Thomas and I watched Lois & Clark because evidently I'm having a Very Superman Holiday Season. Nick called us up and we ventured out to Mayfair to look for Holiday Ideas. Mayfair had a wonderful store called Teavana... and just an fyi ANYTHING from there would make me scream with Joy. It's a tea store... no joke... they have like over 150 varieties of tea or something like that... and they sell... are you ready for this?
Bubble Tea...
OMFG... I havent seen bubble tea anywhere other than Texas... I could just die...
I loves it... I loves it so hard...

Also we saw Lindt opened a store across from suncoast with 39 cent truffles...
omg... delish.

Didn't buy anything but found Dave's gift in the sharper image store for less than it was on the website ^_^
It actually shocked me because you don't really think of The Sharper Image as being the less expensive choice for... well... anything
Came home about 10 and finished watching Lois & Clark and followed it up with some Smallville Season 1.

Good times.
Tags: christmas, secondlife, serpentis, thanksgiving

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