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So open up your morning light, and say a little prayer for I...

Have I mentioned that I've lost my mind?
no I really have...
I forgot to mention it previously but I feel that I may have traumetized Thomas for life... we were watching the first episode of Smallville and after Clark saves Lex he gives him CPR... and without even thinking I just scream out "Yeah! Go Yaoi!!" while he's doing it.
...yeah, I don't know...
::shrug:: I'm a loon what can I say?

Of course that lead to a chorus of "Lex... I'm a SUPERman... it's time to bone..."


::is shamefully responsible for at least 35% of all corruption that happens in this friends group... if not more::

::ahem::but yes...
Today I got to work at 8AM because Debbie is still on vacation (by the way... if I want a day off I need to get the permission of our lord who art in heaven hallowed be thy name... but she apperently can just request PTO and not get anyone to cover her shift or breaks or my duties that I can't do if I'm stuck filling in for her...)and I came inside and got some coffee before I went up to the front desk... I got to the front desk at like 8:02 and Julie was there "holding down the fort". I relieved her and logged in and like 5-10 minutes later got a message from my boss telling me that I need to be at the desk promptly at 8AM and she would appreciate my assistance in the matter.
wtf mate.
2 lousy minutes and Julie narked on me! And I was HERE!!
So I told Beth that I was indeed there on time and that I was sorry that I had been in the kitchen getting coffee for 2 minutes and that I would try to get there earlier in the future... it wouldn't happen again.
::grumble mumble grumble::

but anyways... can't stay angery... have Heroes to watch ^__^
Tags: heroes, superman, work, yaoi

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