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god damnit...

Thank you Livejournal... thank you very much...
::shakes head::
I am so freaking happy that no one realy listens to the receptionist shpeel... what used to piss me off at retail stores (the fact that people aren't really listening and give you a generic response reguardless of wether it actually matches what you asked... "Can I help you find anything?" "yes I'm fine." "...") has now saved my ever loveing ass from horrible embarassment.
I was reading my friends page and someone had written "I WILL EAT YOUR SOUL"
...this is what I saw right before I answered a call...
...the result?

"Associated financial group, how may I direct your soul?"

thaaaats right folks.
Not how may I direct your call... how may I direct your soul.

::stabs self in face::
Tags: livejournal, work

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