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I want a condo.
I thought I could get a loan for it or something and slowly pay back the loan but when I was talking to Sally about it I got the "You don't know what the hell you're talking about" look... which is well deserved because... as advertised... I dont know what the hell I'm talking about... I just started thinking about it as a feasibly option like... today... so the total sum of my condo knowledge came from me surfing the internet on my lunch.
It's not like I'm all omgwtf condo NOW! I mean my apartment lease is still active until May and chances are I'll keep it parked right where I am... I just wanted to explore my options for the future.
lol I guess Sally just made me a little pouty because I got the "um you need to have a down payment saved up... a duh." kind of comment from her. ::shrug:: I didn't know... I thought that's what the loan was for. Now I know better...

I guess I just want a little bigger place to live... I mean this place is plenty big enough for Eric and me, and it will be fine for 3 people as well... but you know? when we have more than 4 people in the apartment ie when multiple people get invited over, we kinda run out of space and trip over each other and it's hot.

I also would like to be able to have more furnature than folding chairs one floor gamer seat and a futon, but alas... no room.

oops apperently Julie thinks I'm bored...
...time for some busy work.

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