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I'm feeling rather ambitious.

Hey Livejournal friends... because I see em all over teh place I thought I'd participate
If you would like a christmas card OR...OR... a picture drawn and colored by meeeee's leave me a comment wit your addy and I'll mail it to you's
(or if you dont want me to know you'r address and you just want a picture leave me a comment and I'll post it on here for you)
Comments will be screened so everyone can't see your addy.

yeah that's right... I'll make you a purdy picture...
I will either draw a character you choose or just make up a random one for you...
Hey K-chan remember when I drew a bunch of pictures of you with anime characters you liked?
ha ha ha I should do that again some day...

I finished my new Jace picture... but havent seen Jace since I finished it so ;__; he hasn't seen it yet.
I'll prolly upload it and post it in here when I get home tonight... if I remember lol.
Some day I will post new Imadoki Kyo... I swear I'm not just teasing you Thomas... I really do have 3 new ones...lol

Aei: "Hit on Jen!"
Me: "Yeah okay... here's me 'Hey Jen you're bringing sexy back!' and here would be Jen 'Fuck off you!'"
Aei: "...Hey Jen you're bringin sexy back?" ::laughs::

I need to get a list of the names from that mst3k episode...
Punch Rockgroin!


Dec. 2nd, 2006 08:36 pm (UTC)
Hehehe so what now? Sean is Big McLargeHuge, I'm Punch Rockgroin, and you're Gristle Thornebody?

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