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Merushi... moooooooo....

Dear god I feel gross today...
Blech, I deserve it tho... I stayed up WAY past my bed time last night... like way...
like it was 2 AM when I went to bed and I have to get up at 7... lol

Damn you Wentworth Miller for being everything good in this world... God damn I love Prison Break.
I have been catching it lately because I go over to my parents house to watch Heroes and it's on before Heroes so by default I see it... I never watched Prison Break before because it just didn't pique my interest before but watching a few episodes made me go... "you know? I want to know how this all started" because aside from the fact that Link was convicted of a crime he didn't commit and Michael went in to bust him out... I knew a whole lot of jack squat. So last night I watched the first 4 episodes.
bless you internets... what would I do without you.
Tags: heroes, prison break, work

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