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I look like a granny...

I have my pink studded scarf around my shoulders like a shawl... and I stole my mom's blanket which is now over my lap...
...yeah I look like I'm trying to do an impression of a ninty year old at the front desk

But back to my Prison Break obsession...
Nikki (who I am going to henceforth refer to as Eric's Girlfriend even though I don't know if they are dating... I'm such a good roommate XD) tells me that her roommate is obsessed with Prison Break as well but she likes Link better than Michael... well... I have to disagree on her with that but yesh... she should come over sometime and watch it with me because I LOOOOVES it.
And I need someone to squee with...
...because I don't think any of my friends around here watch Prison Break...
and they should because it is teh awesome... did I mention I like Prison Break?
I IMDb'ed Wentworth Miller the other day because I was told he was black and Nikki didn't agree with me... turns out we were both wrong/right, he's half-black... and apperently British.
I have to double love him tho because he's a huge dork too... he was asked in an interview what character from a book would he most want to play if givin the chance... and he said General Zod from the Superman Comics XD!!!
zomg I love...

Wentworth Miller, if you're ever in Wisconsin and you want to hang out with a gigantic nerd who's stupid for you... look me up... look me up...
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