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Stalling to give Prison Break a chance to download.

Heroes you cockbag... how dare you not be back until 1/22.....

I really am okay with the fact that Eden was the one who bought it...
or at least was the one who appeared to bite it.
I didn't even know her name until this episode XD
I am a little sad however that Peter Petrelli fell fatally ill at the end there... why didn't he get better when Claire was talking to him I wonder?
Issac is actually pretty hot when he's not a strung out junkie... and he has really good pronounciation of Hiro's name O_o
Yaaay Mohinder's back in the mix! let's hear it for Mohinder!!!
okay I'm done now... really...

haha okay back to my Prison Break obsession... I've stalled enough.
Tags: heroes, prison break

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