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Mmmm Chili-mac...

God bless my mom... seriously... even her chili-mac is freaking awesome.
Molly I will most likely call you tonight, I wish to talk ALOTS
so hey if you're free today mores the better. ::lovelles::

It's been a while since I've posted in jadedroseseal ::dusts the account off:: ahhh there you are bitter angst... how I missed you!

I met Nikki's roomate yesterday, cool girl. She likes Prison break so that's always a plus we watched it a little bit when they stopped in...
I say stopped in but really I went into the living room this morning to see Eric Niki and... Nikki's roomate (whose name I dont think I caught) passed
Poor Nikki's roomate she thought they were going to go home at like 12:30... she woke up when I was going through my morning routine and I told her she didn't have to sleep in Eric's computer chair and that Eric's bed was empty if she wanted to crash there... she said it was okay and that she was sure they would be leaving soon...
...I wonder if she knew it was almost 8AM?

Aside from the two girls Eric also brought home the largest box of hot cocoa I have ever seen in my life (courtasy of Sams club I'd imagine) so I am currently partaking of "arctic white cocoa"
Not too bad I must say... but the heaviness of it's kind of getting to me so I'll probebly switch to Mint Tea pretty soon.

Scanning was fucking insane today... it took me like 3 hours to do >_
Tags: eric, molly, nikki, work

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