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::waits for her tea to cool::

Okay so my twin obsessions of Wikipedia and Prison Break have collided into a monstrocity...
Looking up Prison Break on Wikipedia...

...holy shit I know way too much about that series now...
Things I would never have gleaned from the series itself...
::shakes head:: dah...

I think I'm going to start doing more religion research... I dont know why... I find it interesting to read and to talk about and it keeps me busy...
I havent done anything in my BoS in a while and I would like to continue to update and change my views on religion as I learn more so I think I'll pick it up again.

I guess I want some type of reaffirming distraction for a while, I've been getting alot of negative critisizm lately from very unlikely sorces.
Although it was offhand and most likely not ment to be taken as seriously as it came out it, it still kind of hurt and as per my resolution to not get dragged into or start any shit I need to find some kind of new way to handle it.

There's only so many times you can use self calming techniques before people start staring at you for mumbling to yourself. XD
I mean I caught myself singing "If I had words..." from Babe today XD

Or you know maybe I'll go back to relying on old sorces... like screaming out angery things in private journals where nobody can hear/read them lol
I mean I'm sure there's only so many times I can go running to Molly like "Maaaaarrrgh I hate things!!!" before she just slaps me XD

K-chan you should come over and spend all day in a Prison Break Marathon with me!!!
or! or! I could ressurect my episodes of Kyle XY and watch them again seeing as both that and Psych seemed to have dropped off the face of the planet.
Oh! I've also picked up the Godfather box set so if anyone wants to get lost in a sea of mobster movies with me... ::wink wink::

Yesh... my tea is now safe to drink ::sip::


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Dec. 6th, 2006 02:57 am (UTC)
I totally think we should do that...tomorrow (meaning uh Wednesday I forgot the day already) I have to head over to my parents house and do some parental things...but uh Thursday and Friday I feel like hanging...I will bring Prison Break so I can be unPrison Break virgin and then we can have chinese food and enjoy ourselves...I'll call you when I get out of work and DAMMIT it better not blizzard!
Dec. 6th, 2006 02:36 pm (UTC)
K-chan and Prison Break!
All is good with the world!!
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