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Eating a cherries Jubilee Andies candies then drinking regular coke produces a flavor that is terribly familiar to me and yet... I can't place it.
and no the flavor is suprisingly... not Cherry Coke.

Three things for me to remember today.
2)Balance Chakra if neccessary.
3)Hope you dont have to deal with her today.

::nods:: yesh.
I will see what David wants to do today, if he wants to do something, otherwise I always have the ever wonderful Prison Break to fall back on.

Oh! yesterday I also picked up the DECEMBERUNDERGROUND cd for afi... can't wait to listen to it ^_^
I'm sure there was a better reason for me to update... it just escapes me atm...

I've been doing too much paperwork XD
My brain is sludge.
Tags: blarg, david, prison break, work

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