Megan (cho_hakkai) wrote,
cho_hakkai's official...

I have officially lost my damn mind for today.
I just caught myself dancing down the hall from the bathroom back to the office.
and not just any dance... that kind of wierd strut dance thing where you do the gangster walk and kind of punch the air in front of you with a slightly bent arm.
And if that wasn't enough I was whisper-singing "John Jacob Jinglehimer-Schmidt".

Yes that's right...
in my grown up / insurence / office building job.
Strut/dance/walking and singing to myself a childrens camp song.

I really need to go home.

Of course the moment my brain probebly broke is when I unconciously tuned into a conversation Julia was having with Keith while I was working...
the first thing I heard... and I'm not kidding you... was "...and the kid shit in my car! He literally shit on the seat of my car." from Keith.

What am a Dane Cook Joke?
Tags: wtf

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