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Mmmm... things...

Someone told me to put my WMP on random and to write my favorite quotes from the first 25 songs that it plays.

I was just electrocuted by my Apple iPod earbuds...

Kaiya Leah

Oooooh, who sells Kingdom Hearts 2??? Suncoast sells Kingdom Hearts 2!!!

I live... if just barely. I have a new apartment and 1 and 2/4th's roommates.

Guh, I hate working...alot.

Okay so after 140+ back entries I give up... If you had something to say to me and it was more thsn 140 of my friends entries back I'm sorry... I missed it lol.

(quiz) Now Ima gonna do that paper post thing cause it's cool.

So, I've been at my big bad adult job for a whole 2 days now... and I already wish I haden't promised Office Depot I would stay as long as they need me.

Never in my life has a music video made me cry so much and not in a bad way...
I love you Brian Transeau... I love you so much...

Ha ha last night on Team Speak Mike was very confused and asked who the new chick was.

Dear god I feel gross today...

you know I never did do that paper post thing I mentioned in the August post lol... maybe I'll do that today whilst I'm sitting here like a ninny.
K-chan David want's to go to Asiana with you and me... so you should come over and stuff... and we'll watch Prison break because I loves it.
lol we don't actually have to watch Prison Break tho... I'm just being a fangirlie. (but if you want to I wont say no... wink wink)
I need to remember to check myspace and facebook at home... I never remember to do it anymore now that they've been blocked at work. Sean sent me a message ages ago on myspace I just keep forgetting to check ^^;
I'm sorry Sean I love you!!!
(don't hate me ::cries:: )
I swear to god as well that I will come back to secondlife soon! Just as soon as I have Prison Break out of my system, as it is I come home... park it on the futon and watch until late night pausing only for bathroom breaks, food breaks, and Tea.
Blame Michael Scofield for being such a freaking interesting character...
It's even more interesting now that he's pretending to be crazy... (I'm watching the first season for those who don't know. I never did see how they got out of prison lol)
but yes! I think I will do the paper post now... then hopefully I'll remember to scan it in tonight and post it.

Oh yeah... and I'll remember to post that picture I drew of Jace... that I said I was going to post forever and a day ago...
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