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I totally spilled Mint Cocoa all over my pants XD
That's just the worst... seriously...
I have beige pants on at work and the stupid receptionist chair has adjustible but not lockable arms so they swing all over the place if you dont have the pressure you put on them distributed juuuuuust right.
Guess who forgot that fact while holding scalding mint cocoa...?
yeah... that would be I.
Aaaaaaaall over my pants. No joke.
I fortunately have a Tide "to-go" pen that theoretically will be able to get rid of the stains... but now my leg is all cold... after being all burning...

Brian called me at work today... and yesterday but that time I didn't answer the phone, I feel bad because I really want to talk to him and Nicole but I was working and I got a call ^^;
I hung up on him rather abruptly so I hope he's not mad. I hope they come up to visit again sometime I miss them ;__; last time we only saw them for a tiny little bit...
It would be cool as hell if they came up sometime when Nick and I both have some time off so we can be like "AAAAAH OLD CREW!!! Kick it old school!!!"
::is a horrible dork for saying it like that::

I have been thinking about takeing some acting classes again because I always loved drama in HS and I tried out for all of the plays (nearly got the lead in one of them)
I love that actors get to be someone... like literally be someone else.
That is honestly up there in my top jobs ever.
If I ever got a chance to play someone half as cool as Michael Scolfield or Johnny Smith I would die a happy person...

Acting was always one of my passions in school.
Acting, Singing, Painting/drawing, Writing... and supprisingly Science (sans the math thing)
I was always in the 99th percentile for english and "the arts" as they were collectively tested as but it didn't reflect that way in my grades sometimes because I was really bad at turning things in...
...oh I'd do the work... I'd just leave it at home, or on the bus... or in my locker...
Which of course is my downfall... orginization.
Which is strange because I actually really like orginizing I just... don't seem to do it often...
Like I buy folders and tabs and pens specifically for a purpose and I'll start off orginizing and be like "woo!" but then never finish... or cease to keep orginized after I've done it.
Apperently I like Orginizing... just not upkeep.
yeeeeah... I don't know where I'm going with this... apperently it was just Rambley Mc TalksAlot time.

Yeah so I'm going to go try unstaining my pants now... lol



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Dec. 8th, 2006 06:39 am (UTC)
Those Tide To-Go pens are pretty much the shiznit. I remember Molly used one on your dress that you got some type of sauce on at Faire, and the stain came right out. I totally need a man-purse, so I can carry around stuff like that ^_^

I bet you'd be an awesome actor :-D I wonder, do you think they have any community plays with open audition in the Waukesha area? We should checks it out - I might even audition with you if practices wouldn't be fuxxored too much by my school/work schedules.

..and organization, ne? Upkeep with organization is usually the worst part for me too. I had a major paradigm shift recently that got me actually keeping up with my organization, but I don't know exactly what changed so I don't even know how to suggest anything lol.

I'm going to go take a coma now. But heeeeeeeey, you should come with me to the UW-Waukesha Choral Concert, it's Friday at 7:30 PM. You game? ^_^
Dec. 8th, 2006 08:26 pm (UTC)
I dunno... Theoretcally I have plans with Kristy and David ^^
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