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Ah, sweet release...

Finally finished Prison Break last night... good show... good show..
Now I just have to wait until 1/22 when Heroes and Prison Break return from holiday hiatus so my obsession can continue.
Or until season 2 comes out on dvd so I can buy it and lose myself again XD

I love the special features... Dominick is hilarious... Wentworth is alot calmer than I though he would be in the interview. I guess he seemed like more of a dork in the other interview I saw. Dominick Purcell tho was all "Yeah we basically lived here for the entirety of the first season... I wont lie... Joliet is... well... pretty much a shit hole. I kind of hate it, which is okay because I'm pretty sure Lincoln hates it too so it helps my acting."
while Wentworth was all "It was pretty cool with the tattoo's at first, I liked wearing such a work of art like that... but they took 4 hours to apply and it's not even like I could sleep while they were doing it. I was usually standing with my hands over my head... and then it was all sticky and if you didn't scrub it off right away it would stay on for a week. I don't think I was happier filming than on days where I could wear a long sleeved shirt so I woulnd't have to put the tattoo on."

Joliet Prison where they filmed it is only like 20 minutes from my grandfathers house...
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