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::makes a gum wrapper chain::

You know I have searched for like an hour and a half to see if I could find instructions to the Crane/Swan Hybrid origami Michael makes in Prison Break.
It's dosent exist I swear.
I know how to make a crane and I know how to make a swan but I am completely... I dont even know how to make this "crane".
I'll have to pause the dvd when he's holding one... I'm sure I can make it if I see it...
cause I'm cool like that.
Supposedly there's a youtube "how-to" but I can't look that up at work so ::shrug:: maybe I'll just see if I can see the crane and work it out somehow. I'll do it yet I swear!
And then I will write notes on them and send them to EVERYONE like a huge nerd.
I'm also going to see if I can find a good picture of Wentworth Miller cause I want to draw him ^_^
Maybe I'll make a random "for fun" comic adaptation of some Prison Break stuff... that would be funny/cool. Of course I could never show it to anyone or I'd get suied XD
Tags: origami, prison break

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