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The following took place in a game for the unaware:

Last night in Tenebra... so much fun and yet so much drama lol
At first we were in Scar and just chilling out while Kraz had a convo with Aei about how people are complaining that we win too much and they dont want to put on their RCS around serpentis... blah blah blah... Sorry we don't suck, right? Apperently if we don't get pwnd by other groups and raped and beaten we're not playing fair. These are the same people mind you who got mad when we said they were being a bit excessive when they were in control. Rachel Tapioca for example was saying we beat cut and raped her the other day... we did none of those things... we caught her and forced her to wear a silly hat... that's totally rape...
Anyway, whatever... Kraz just wants us to come into Tenebra stag every once in a while so we're more vunerable...
Yeah okay fine.
so when we came in tenebra no one was rping at first so we all went OOC and had some goofing around fun which apperently interfered with Krazzora's sexy time 500 feet below us (how I don't know...) so we got in trouble for that too. Viridia's evidently getting irritated with us... so we left again
We're a bad bad gang don't you know.
Later to appease Kraz, Nail and myself came on by ourselves to Tenebra... totally being outnumbered by the other gangs by... um... ALOT.... like 10 to 2. Did they take advantage of this to try and start things with us? No. They sat around and made sideways comments about how some groups dont like to play fair... there hasent been alot of playing fair lately have you noticed? They only play fair and advocate fair play...
and they completely ignored Nail and myself...
...come on people... we're trying to give you an easy win... stop being little bitches.
Finally Rukia (presumably from the Neko Clan seeing as she's a cat) came up and started talking to us so we were interracting with he a bit... she challenged me to mud wrestling in the bar... and wasted me pretty bad... all in all I owed her so she dragged me to a warehouse and had her way with me lol... making me I believe the first member of Serpentis to be in forced sexytime.
I'm so proud. lol. ¬¬
so we went back to the bar afterwards and apperently this random spontanious background was created by Rukia and her angel friend who's name escapesme, for my character... withing a few minutes I went from being the silent soneyface member of Serpentis to the Amnesiac Rape
And now everyone is talking to me...
so... apperently Rape IS the answer to everything Secondlife... lol

I was in walmart today and I saw a toy for children that was possibly the worst case of "we didn't think about this title before we named it" toy's I've seen in a while...
It was called the Bop-it "Sit and Spin"
I don't care who you are... that's just wrong.

On an entirely different notw... I love hamburgers... I just do.
I wish I had one right now...
or a bag of chips... Mmmm chips...

damn it... I hate it when I have to spend my lunch doing work errands...
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