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Shrimp in the bathroom... and I couldn't even tell you why...

I warn you the cut tag is hella long... like no joke long...

Okay... Ten odd things about yourself:

1. I hate moths... alot...
2. I can shake my eyes.
3. I don't like popcorn.
4. I once had a shared dream with a friend of mine in middle school. He was like "I had a dream about you last night." and I was like "OMG me too!" and when we started talking about it it was the exact same dream... the only variences we had were when we split up at one point the dream differed understandably. It's one of the reasons that I, even though being a rather gounded person, believe whole heartedly in psychic dreams and of preminitions... not to say I believe in the psychic hot line because I dont.
5. The smell of clam chowder makes me nauseous... unless it's from a resturant and then I'm okay for some reason.
7. I was a vegetarian for 4 years and threw it all away for a gyro... Damn you gyro...
8. In grade school I pretended I was batman not barbie on the playground... lol
9. I was premature and because of that have very shallow joints... which will pop out of socket randomly... or very easilly if something happens such as Katie punching me in the arm and my shoulder
10. 9 out of 10 times I can sing a song in it's entirety after hearing it once or twice.

Ten favorite food-things:

1. Green Tea (hot... any flavor)
2. Sushi (paricularly eel or tuna)
3. Hawaiian Sweet Onion chips.
4. Pocky (or really any Japanese candy... especially the tea or plum flavors)
5. Egg Salad... especially my egg salad... Mmmmm (Potato Salad is pretty damn good too)
6. That chicken Dumpling soup thing that Nick makes... omg...
7. Rice Balls... particularly salmon filled ones.
8. The honeydew or regular green tea beverages from Panera's
9. Mexican Skillet as I or my mom make it (out of my 15 minute 5 ingrediant cookbook)
10. Artichoke.

Ten favorite episodes... (Pick your show!):
I'm gonna mix it up ^__^

1. Riots, Drills, and the Devil part 1 and 2 - Prison Break (really any episode of Prison Break)
2. A Crystal Clear Destiny - Sailor Moon (yes I'm a dork... I still love Sailor Moon)
3. Anasazi/The Blessing Way/Paperclip (3 parter) - The X-files
4. Sppellig Bee - Psych
5. Outbreak - The Dead Zone
6. Pusher - The X-Files
7. A Very Merry Lex-mas - Smallville
8. The Green, Green Glow of Home - Lois & Clark
9. The Guy I Kind of Like is a Sergent - Full Metal Panic!
10. Endgame - Kyle XY

Im adding stuff...

10 things your friends may or may not know about you

1) I taught an Origami class once... I heart Origami
2) My favorite flower is an Orchid but my favorite flower smell is Lily of the Valley.
3) My older brother is a physicist who is working to find a cure for cancer (cool nei?)
4) I have had 3 skin Biopsy's
5) I'm allergic to latex
6) I was born on Mother's Day
7) I've had Walking Pnumonia 3 times
8) I broke my right hand once (I'm right handed)
9) I prefer unique to expensive and I also prefer fruit flavors to chocolate and Savory to sweet.
10) I love Chess.

10 Shows you would KILL to have on DVD right now

1) X-men the animated series (the one I used to watch when I was young)
2) Time Trax... Seriously does anyone remember this show?
3) Robocop (I swear to god there was an awesome but terribly short lived series about robocop...)
4) That short lived recent remake of Tarzan
5) More Prison Break (do it NOW Fox!)
6) Spiderman the animated series (the one from the early 90's not the new one or the one from the 60's)
7) Early Edition (with the cat... and the paper... and... yeah)
8) Reboot
9) Sonic the Hedgehog (the cool kind of dark one with sinvely and where it was a little scary... not the cutesy one where sonic was stupid)
10) The real Adventures of Johnny Quest (that remake of the Johnny Quest series that used to run on toonami back when Moltar was the host)

10 Favorite Red VS Blue Quotes

1) You shot Church you team killing fucktard!
2) Yeah! Suck it Blue!... I mean red! God damn it!
3) Your're exactly right... war's over... turns out you're the biiig hero. We're all throwing a parade in your honor, I get to drive the float... and Simmons here is in charge of confetti!
4) What, like a blue spider? Get it off!
5) Bluetard!
6) Oh my god! I'M the team killing fucktard!
7) Tucker... I just wanted to say... that I always... Hated you the most...
8) Lightish red? You know they already have a name for that color... it's called Pink.
9) I just want everyone to know that I suck. And that I'm a girl... I have ribbons in my hair... and I like to kiss all the boys.
10) Yes Caboose... I am a gay robot.

10 Favorite TV shows (not animated)

1) The Dead Zone
2) Kyle XY
3) The Pretender
4) Quantum Leap
5) Prison Break
6) Psych
7) The L Word
8) The X-Files
9) Heroes
10) Lois & Clark

10 Favorite TV Shows (foreign)

1) The Office (British)
2) Full House (Korean)
3) Meteor Garden (Taiwanese)
4) Monty Python's Flying Circus (British)
5) The Ricky Gervais Show (British)
6) MARS [live action] (Taiwanese)
7) Hana Yori Dango [live action] (Japanese)
8) Great Teacher Onizuka [live action] (Japanese)
9) Pride and Prejudice (British)
10) Morning Utban (Japanese)

okay I'll stop now this is getting too long...

We got a truffle sampler today in the mail from one of our clients... because we need more chocolate apperently...
deugh... I'm kind of starting to hate Chocolate XD
I mean I was never a giant choco-buff to start with but honest to god... so much chocolate it's obcene.
We also got a raspberry kringle so I was all about that.
Mmmm Kringle.

I want to go shopping tonight... anyone game?
I don't have a real specific goal in mind... I need a present for Molly, Tammy and Kaiya but I also want to look for good stylish scarfs and stuff to wear at cold cold work.
I might hit up Kohls or Target and World Market... Perhaps go to CD max and raid the TV Box Set section.
I'm one measly dvd away from the end of the L Word Season 3 so I need something new to watch.

After gh3y office party 2.0 last night David came over and we watched The Devil Wears Prada and Pulse... both of which were pretty cool movies ::nods:: not bad at all...
I want to see the Japanese Pulse now.

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