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Was looking at hotel prices for acen (and these are the pre acen deal prices mind you they will probebly go down, seeing as the website hasen't announced what their deal is)

We can...
Tell the truth and say we have 4 people in teh room = about $1150 for May 10th through the 14th (Acen is the 11th through the 13)


Lie and say it's just me and Molly and smuggle people in through the back after check in = about $900 for the same amount of time.

I'm voting we lie.
...so who else wants to be in teh room? cost will be split 4 ways amongst occupants and Molly and I agree that we both want a bed (hell molly and me could share a bed.) and no more than 4 people in the room... we will not be living like packs of lions for the weekend thank you...
Anyone? Writer? Quazo? ...Beuller?

I don't know who I want to go to acen as... it's kind of a debate in my head because I don't know how much I am going to weigh in may... (I have been working out and going to the gym and I got some compliments that People thought I had lost weight... unfortunately the scale says I have gained 10 pounds so... dunno ::shrug:: )
Either I'm "building muscle mass which weighs more" (doubtful) or my scale or my friends are lying to me XD

I really want a good costume... who should I be? ::ponders::

preferably sooner than later
SHould I get...
-Wings (one feathered one mechanical)
-Medicine Wheel (was thinking of designing some manner of dream catcher where the animals are beads woven in and there's a penticle holding the dangly feathers below it but I don't know how big they would be or where I would get those tattooed)
-Medicine WHeel 2.0 (another thought I had ,which was actually something I planned to do before, was to look up the Japanese symbols for the animals in my wheel and get them in a line near my other Kanji tattoo ending in a small penticle)
- dragons or cherry blossoms

Yeah okay so I have run out of things to say...
RACHEL come to the new years party at Juans!!! Doooo eeeeet! Everyone misses youuuu!



Dec. 21st, 2006 06:20 pm (UTC)
LOL point.
Quazo ftw ^__^

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