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Watch Dexter! Do eet!

No I don't mean Dexter's Lab.
I mean the showtime series Dexter based on the novels "Darkly Dreaming Dexter" and "Deeply Devoted Dexter" by Jeff Lindsay. Basically the premise of it is Dexter works for the Miami Police as a Blood Spatter Analyst... basically he's a forensics guy who specializes in solving crimes based on the blood spatters. But that's just his day job... at night he is a Serial Killer. But he only preys on the guilty criminals who slip through the fingers of the law, Rapists, Murderers, traffickers and other serial killers. Now this seems like a pretty dark vigelante series but it's really not... it's almost a dark comedy like Nip/Tuck or Six Feet Under (strangely enough the main character Dexter is played by Michael C Hall who played the Gay Brother David in Six Feet Under)
All in all I pretty much love it XD
And I feel like a horrible person! I'm like "I should not like this man so much! He's a serial Killer!" but I do... I almost kind of wish I were Rita (Dexter's Girlfriend) which is terrible.
I have been watching it on streaming video on the internet and I'm up to episode 10 of 12... I'm so glad it got signed on for a second season.
Watch it nooooow!

Bought 70$ of groceries last night... and then had the bags burst in the hallway and I basically kicked the food into the apartment XD
I also cleaned out all the old crap from our fridge and dated all the new stuff so we know when to throw it out because.... just eww... those eggs were from like... october.
Good thing I hate eggs atm.

Molly I bought salmon! and a new type of rice that's supposedly a higher grade rice than calrose so we can makes the delicious rice balls ^_~
Mmmmmmm Riceballs....
I also bought some chicken parmesean and some skillet stuffs...
good deal all around.
okay well I'm rambling so I'm gonna go.
::goes to get more tea::
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