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La la la there's no one here...

there's only like 5 people in the office atm... everyone else is either on vacation or went home early...
I wants to leave...

I got a Christmas present from Debbie today which actually rather suprises me. It almost makes me feel bad for hating her 95% of the time.
I wonder if she thinks we're friends.

Finished Dexter... it was spectactular... I'm planning on haunting B&N sometime this weekend and procuring the 2 books (Darkly Dreaming Dexter and Dearly Devoted Dexter)

I don't remember if I mentioned it earlier but I got a paid DevArt account so nows I can make any picture my wallpaper on my phone... it's pretty badass really...

Kristy! Tonight! Can't wait!

Okay done... my brain is too fried from Debt Protection Addendums to think coherently anymore...

I'm going to look up W.I.T.C.H. on Wikipedia so I can figure out if it's offensive or not.
I mean the idea seems a little... >_< meh... to me but I don't know much about it so I think I'll look it up.

Post WIKI Edit: Turns out to be only very mildly "meh" I might read the manga or something... probebly wouldn't watch the anime tho. It's not American btw it's from Italy originally according to wiki.
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