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A little bit calmer now.

Feel a little bit better... am still worried but not as bad as last night... as you may recall from other posts I'm a little bi-polar at night. Don't know why.
Haven't heared anything yet, Still worried... but not making horrible doom like situations in my head anymore.
I love you! Please call me or Text me or something! Even if it's just "I'm Fine, Shut the hell up already!"

So... Christmas.
Slept on the couch christmas eve seeing as both of the guest rooms in my parent's house were being filled by my Grandfather and my Brother. Was woken up twice... once by Joel who wished me a very Merry Christmas at 7AM and the other time by my dog that dive bombed me at 8 AM because she realized I was sleeping on the couch and both my grandfather and my dad were sitting at the table talking in hushed tones. It was at this point that, upon my mom's prompting, I took advantage of the vacancy in the bedrooms upstairs and crawled into my patents bed to sleep until 10 or so.

Christmas Haul:
-Guitar Hero 2
-A Neon Bendy Pencil
-Candy Jewelry
-a Lazer/LED combo pen
-One of those wierd flying saucer things that you see people messing with in the mall (great fun to torment the dog with let me tell you)
-The Godfather Trilogy (Oops... well at least I can e-bay it if no one wants to buy it off of me... I already have it ^^; )
-A Do it Yourself Bubble Milk Tea kit
-The 5 ingrediant 15 minute cook book (Oops again I have this too... got it last year actually for my birthday ^^; but that's okay I don't know where it is anyway...)
-2 blank Van Gogh Drawing Books and a Van Gogh poster from Amsterdam from my brother (bad ass... no Joke...)
-Margarita bubble bath
-30$ from my aunt
-50$ from my Grandma
-100$ from my Grandpa (ah the cash gifts...)
-2 sweaters
-2 scarfs
-2 sets of hair chopsticks (my mom's subtle way of telling me she dosent like my metal ones lol)
-A wierd Metal Hair tie
-A Back Massager and iTunes Giftcard from Molly

I think that's all I got so far... Juan-con has yet to occur so there will be more presents for everyone ^^
I still need to buy for Quazo, Tammy and little Kaiya...
Christmas day was mostly sitting in a food coma or playing Guitar Hero 2 with my brother (who plays at expert... I can barely handle normal mode)
I was almost in tears over the fact that Trogdor is one of the unlockable songs on GH2...
Alright well I've lost my train of thought and I need to order supplies so...
Write more later...
Tags: christmas, david, guitar hero

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