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Yes yes... it's me again.

Lunch time Mateys.
My scavenged Chicken Soup it far too warm for me to eat at current.
I say scavenged because I didn't think anyone was going out for lunch so I didn't plan to go out... but then I forgot my lunch and everyone made plans to go out to eat... I didn't want to invite myself so I stayed Quiet...
I find I don't get invited to lunch outings very frequently unless my mom is here (which she took the week off so she isn't atm)
I must not be a very pleasent lunch companion...
...or it could be that I have a stricted lunch schedual than everyone else in the office because they are salary and I am hourly.
I'd like to think it's the latter.
you know I didn't really explain the scavenged thing did I? Kind of went off on a tangent...
Scavenged Chicken Soup because my mom hides Soup cans in the empty area's of file cabinates so she'll have lunch if she forgets her lunch... so I went a hunting until I found one of the stashes.
Before you go thinking my mom is wierd... other people do it too... Annette and Madeline do it with candy.

I got a cookie today inter office mailed to me.
Now when Mr. Dordell said "Correct answer Megan you get a cookie!" in the teleconference Symposium last Thursday I thought he was kidding...
...I guess I know better now lol...

When I pulled in today there were only 3 cars in the parking lot so I was a little O_o; "We *are* open today... right?" The doors were unlocked but all the lights were off in the hallways... it was a little surreal. Turns out we are indeed open today... however nobody else was lol... all the other offices in our building are dark and abandoned except for us... and even we are working with a skeleton crew... the day is half over and I have only seen 4 or so of our 17 ish employees
it's a little wierd frankly.
I think alot of people are out until the second on vacation or medical leave or what have you.
I'll probebly spend more time drawing tonight as I will be over at my parents house again visiting because my brother and grandfather are still here.
and I say visiting but I really mean "big fat Digital Cable fest" because that's what it amounts to after the first couple of hours of the visit (which happened on saturday lol)
I feel like I didn't get enough rest this weekend... the reason I say this is because I feel like there wasn't even a long weekend... to me for some reason it feels like only a day of time off happened...
Maybe because so much of it was spent lazing around.
I think I have become one of those people who needs some kind of schedual all of the time or they feel listless...
I seriously find myself looking in my dayplanner like 14 times a day... for no good reason...
I sit there and hover over it like some divine inspiration is going to strike and I will magically have one more thing to fill my calender with.
Which, by the way, dosent happen.

okay okay I'll stop rambling... I have soup and a mail cookie to eat.
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